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The Economist x Tableau Leadership Series

Most organizations, especially large enterprises, are investing resources in collecting, storing, securing, and analyzing their data. However, becoming a “data-driven” business doesn’t always come easily and there will likely be some hurdles along the way. That’s because data and technology alone won’t make an organization more successful. It requires a shift in mindset and efforts from leadership and employees. This leadership series, hosted by The Economist in partnership with Tableau, explores how business leaders drive data culture in their organisations.

Hosted by The Economist, in partnership with Tableau

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Power to the people: building a data-driven organisation
Truly data driven organisations hold numerous advantages over their competitors: increased operational efficiencies, greater revenue generation and stronger, more adaptable customer service....
76 minutos
Turning Data Ability Into Adaptability
As the dust from covid-19 settles and we edge closer to a post-pandemic reality, companies have learnt that flexibility and agility are more than mere buzzwords. Businesses that could readily...
74 minutos
Fostering data-driven conversations
Data is the key to business transformation, as companies look to accelerate into the post-pandemic new normal. However, many organisations across Asia-Pacific are struggling to fully unlock their...
65 minutos