Show your impact as an intern with Tableau

During an internship you’ll network with business professionals, develop skills, and build up your resume. Better yet, your internship may turn into a full-time opportunity.

Last summer, I landed a 10-week marketing internship here at Tableau on the Academic Programs team. I was tasked with projects like increasing engagement on social media, creating content for different channels, and leading presentations at universities.

In my final weeks as an intern, I was scheduled to present my experience and successes to the greater marketing team. Like most student interns, I wanted to focus on giving insight into my role and highlighting personal accomplishments. I was also interested in becoming a full-time employee at Tableau and hoped to show how I made an impact in my role.

Instead of your typical PowerPoint presentation, I decided to give the presentation fully in Tableau using the Story Points feature.

Using Tableau in my final presentation allowed me to quantify my impact with real data in a powerful, interactive viz and showcase my newly acquired data skills! And as a result, I now work full-time with the Academic Programs team.

Check out my presentation as an example of a fresh way to talk about your internship experience with current or future employers while showcasing the data skills employers want.

Now that you’ve seen one way you can show your impact as an intern, it’s your turn. Get started with a free Tableau for Students license and prepare to wow your future employer.

Midori is an Academic Programs Marketing Coordinator at Tableau. To learn more about Midori, check out her website and follow her on Tableau Public.