Best of the Tableau Web... May 2015

The Tableau community produced a plethora of posts in May, from a commentary on how to approach viz building that provides great time and sanity saving insights, to a detailed comparison of Tableau Server performance on EC2.

Russell Christopher figuratively suffered through a week of traffic in Singapore for this viz on Tableau Love. It shows great insights about Singapore's traffic and road work patterns. Click on the preview image below to see the full viz:

May was a massive month for blog posts. Dive into the links below to get updated on Tableau!

Tips & Tricks

Edu Pristine How to Create Calendar Heat Maps in Tableau
Interworks Using the Tableau Data Interpreter
Tableau Zen Recursive Filtering in #Tableau
VizWiz How to Label the Top of Stacked Bars in Tableau
Data + Science Tableau Reference Guide: Graphing
The Information Lab Show Me How: Scatter Plots
Vizible Difference Histogram via Size()

Beyond the Basics

Padawan Dojo Tableau JavaScript API 101
Tableau Zen #Tableau 9.0 and Regular Expressions
Interworks Using, Python and Tableau LOD Calculations to Visualize Top Baby Names over 101 Years
Tableau Tinkering Tinkering With LOD Expressions & Percent of Total
Drawing With Numbers LOD Expression Remix–Finding a Dimension at a Lower Level

Use Cases

VizWiz Dear Data Two | Week 6: Physical Contact
Wannabe Awesome Me WEViz Submissions
Gravy Anecdote Visualizing the UK Elections: Lessons for the Future
The Information Lab Tableau and Corporate Analytical Capabilities
Tableau Love I Sat Through a Week of Traffic in Singapore Just So I Could Post This
DataBlick Building a Visualization of Transit System Data Using GTFS
Data Revelations Visualizing Net Promoter Score Data

Tableau Server

The Information Lab Fix Tableau Server v9 Logos
Tableau Love Comparing Tableau Server performance on EC2: The c3 vs. c4 bake-off.
Tableau and Behold! TABLEAU_REST_API Module for Python v1.0 Released!
GitHub User-space filesystem for Tableau Server for accessing workbooks and data sources as files.


Tableau Zen Incremental Development in #Tableau
Tableau Wannabe Podcast Talking Community with Tracy Fitzgerald
VizPainter The Journey of Writing a Tableau Book
Interworks 10 Questions for Tableau Zen Master Kelly Martin

These monthly roundups wouldn't be possible without all of your hard work. If you have a blog post you'd like to be considered for our Best of the Tableau Web posts, let us know @tableau.