Best of the Tableau Web... April 2015

The Tableau bloggers have been busy this month from writing about wide range of topics, from Tableau 9.0 to New York Real Estate.

April was a busy month all around. We launched Tableau 9.0, and our community went promptly to work, exploring all the new features. Of course, there were also a number of great vizzes, including this one depicting New York’s real estate market by Peter Gilks.

Check out the awesome links below, including the “Tableau Wannabe Podcast” interview with our CEO, Christian Chabot.

Tips & Tricks

Gravy Ancedote How to Drive the Message Home with the Right Dashboard
The Information Lab Switching between Different (units of) Measures in a View
Viz Diff Dynamic Histogram over Time
Evolytics How to Add Instructions Using Custom Shape Palettes
Interworks Blog Tableau Essentials: Calculated Fields—Date Functions
The Information Lab Show Me How: Area Charts (Discrete)

Tableau 9.0

Interworks Blog I Love When Tableau Does That–Calculated Fields in Tableau 9.0 Edition
Tableau Tinkering Tinkering with LOD Expressions & Distance
Tableau Wannabe Podcast An Interview with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot

Tableau Use Cases

Paint By Numbers Real Estate of Mind: Exploring New York City Real Estate Data
Red Headed Step Data The Finder Dashboard
Wannabe Data Rockstar How I Made My Treasure Hunting Map
VizWiz Which NFL Teams Were the Biggest Overachievers and Underachievers in 2014?

Beyond the Basics

Datablick Give That Tableau Workbook a Makeover with “Find and Replace Gone Wild!”
Drawing With Numbers Tableau Brain Teaser—Coloring the Boxes in Box-and-Whisker Plots
Datablick Create Multiple Custom Map Layers in Mapbox

Tableau Server

Tableau Love Analyzing TabJolt Results
LBK.IO Core Considerations for Tableau 9.0 Server Deployment

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