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Which chart or graph is right for you?

Choosing the right type of chart or graph visualisation can be key to conveying the most important insights in your data – on sight. This paper will help you determine which chart is best for the…

  • Big data
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Google BigQuery & Tableau: Best Practices

Tableau and Google BigQuery allows people to analyse massive amounts of data and get answers fast using an easy-to-use, visual interface. Using the tools together, you can:

  • Put the power…

  • Business Analytics

Telcos, changing the approach to customer connections

The global telco industry is one of the fastest changing sectors in the world as new technology such as 5G, AI and IOT collide with increased competition and new regulatory requirements. But how can…

  • Data Visualization
  • Visual Analytics

Citizens & Government: Strengthening the Relationship with Data

As digital citizen services have become the new imperative for government, data is the key to improving the way government organizations operate and deliver for their citizens, especially in times of…

  • Business Analytics

Financial Services, Embracing a New Era of Customer Understanding

Leaders in Financial Services have always been quick to adapt to new technology, driving improvements in the sector and seeking to better understand their customers. Today that has become an…

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Modern Vaccine Management: What Leaders Need to Know

In 2021, vaccine distribution and vaccination management represent the next phase of the pandemic, where data analytics will play a central role helping us understand the efficacy of our efforts…

  • Business Analytics

Retailers, <br>moving to understand changing demands

Leaders in retail organisations are under pressure to create business value during a time of unprecedented changes. You need to drive efficiencies in your supply chain, optimise your channel strategy…

  • Business Analytics

Top 10 Dashboards for Retailers to Thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way retailers do business. All retailers have had to learn new ways to service their customers, virtually, and at the same time, proactively anticipate behaviors…

  • Embedded Analytics

The Power of Data Analytics in FinTech Solutions

In the 70s and 80s, banks relied on highly trained technical specialists to make sense of database modelling. This meant that only the very large players could undertake such analysis, and even then…

  • Business Analytics

Manufacturers,<br>Moving from Complexity to Clarity

Leaders in manufacturing organisations are under pressure to create business value. You need to identify risks in complex supply chains, achieve sustainability goals, enable your teams to…