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Which chart or graph is right for you?

Choosing the right type of chart or graph visualisation can be key to conveying the most important insights in your data – on sight. This paper will help you determine which chart is best for the…

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Google BigQuery & Tableau: Best Practices

Tableau and Google BigQuery allows people to analyse massive amounts of data and get answers fast using an easy-to-use, visual interface. Using the tools together, you can:

  • Put the power…

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Improving public sector efficiency for everyone's benefit

Leaders in public sector organisations are under more pressure than ever to increase performance and drive efficiency. You’re expected to do more with less as governments seek better value. It’s a…

  • Embedded Analytics

Embedded Data Analytics

In this new Age of Product, product leaders are tasked daily with driving a product towards success. In order to carry through a product strategy, though, there is no shortage of data needed to guide…

  • Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Tableau

In 2020, the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources (IDC, 2011). In this data are tremendous opportunities to unlock opportunities…

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Citizens & Government: Strengthening the Relationship with Data

As digital citizen services have become the new imperative for government, data is the key to improving the way government organisations operate and deliver for their citizens, especially in times of…

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Putting Data to Work for the Public Sector

The appetite for data has tremendously increased and data insights are becoming the norm. The ability to make strategic decisions backed by data has never been more important. Learn how Tableau…

  • Business Analytics

Top 10 Principles of Business Analytics

Across industries, businesses are investing in their data more than ever before. Knowing exactly how to unlock the insights hidden within your data will enable you to make faster and smarter business…

  • Business Intelligence

Analytics Unchained: Unleash the Power of Analytics With Integrated Software

When BI started being industrialized in the 90s, it was largely considered an IT topic as it required fundamental technical expertise. As such, centralizing competence to provide stable service was…

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Telcos, changing the approach to customer connections

The global telco industry is one of the fastest changing sectors in the world as new technology such as 5G, AI and IOT collide with increased competition and new regulatory requirements. But how can…