Pandora Opens the Box on Data for Improved Revenue and Relationships

Dass wir unseren Mitarbeitern die Möglichkeit geben, Fragen zu stellen, ist von enormem Wert. Mit Tableau können unsere Mitarbeiter einfacher ihre eigenen Daten abrufen und ihre eigenen Fragen beantworten.

Pandora has built its business on turning data into actionable insight. Using a combination of song attributes and user feedback, Pandora serves more than 200 million listeners with radio stations tailored to their unique musical tastes.

Pandora wanted expand the use of data across the organization, but access to data was limited.

“We have listener data, data about our advertisers in Salesforce, and much more. We needed some way to centralize it and get data into the hands of as many people as possible.”
-Richard Rothschild, VP of Enterprise Information Services, Pandora.

Now employees across the company are using Tableau to visualize their data across the organization. From HR to IT, Engineering to Sales, employees are using these visualizations to drive better decisions as well as closer relationships with both advertising customers and artists.

To learn more, download the case study.

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