Server | Interacting with Tableau Server Sharing and Export Functionality


  • To understand and experience the fundamentals of Tableau Server’s sharing and export functionality.


  1. Configure a co-worker the following abilities:
    1. One Interactor User
      • Username: Interactor
      • License Level: Interactor
      • User Right: Publisher
    2. One Viewer User
      • Username: Viewer
      • License Level: Viewer
      • User Right: None
  2. Interact with a published workbook.
    • Create a test project (Admin > Projects > Add)
    • Publish a dashboard from Tableau Desktop as an Interactor to the test project
    • Give another co-worker the ability to web edit, share, and download the workbook
    • Allow a third user the ability to web edit, but deny share and download permissions
    • Login to other users servers and interact with their published views and try to web edit, share and download their workbook

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