How to Build a Center of Excellence (and why you should)

Building a Tableau Center of Excellence (COE) is essential for enterprises wanting to become data-driven.

A COE will standardize and govern data that is exposed to users, ensure that the company’s BI strategy is aligned with their self-service model and be the driver for best practices and training programs. In order to have a successful Tableau COE, organizations need to identify the right people who understand Tableau, analytics, data visualization, can negotiate well with business and can explain the value. The COE may not solve all the BI issues a company has, but will substantially reduce the time to bring awareness to Tableau within the enterprise.

Here at Tableau, we’ve seen many customers develop a COE and have gathered the best practices for doing so. In this 45 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of a COE
  • Best practices for implementing a successful COE
  • Who should lead the COE effort
  • Why a Tableau COE

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