10 Great Business Intelligence (BI) Blogs To Follow

Business intelligence (BI) is a term that “includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information” (Gartner). As such, it covers a wide breadth of topics, from data security to big data to data analysis. Whether you’re just getting started with business intelligence or are already living and breathing it, here are some sites you’ll want to be sure to follow.

1. Datanami

Run by: Tabor Communications Website link: Datanami.com It can be hard to stay up to date with all trends, technological advancements, and news in this tsunami of big data. Datanami is a great stop to stay informed on the latest technologies.

2. Business Intelligence and Analytics

Run by: Jen Underwood Website link: JenUnderwood.com Jen is a long time industry professional with a great perspective on all things BI. She provides insights on general BI industry coverage, including events and news, while also sharing how to articles to keep you hands on with your data.

3. Big Data Made Simple

Run by: Crayon Data Website link: bigdata-madesimple.com/ Big Data Made Simple is a collection of articles that covers almost every vertical and technology in the big data sphere. Whether you are interested in the latest in artificial intelligence or are trying to use data in your marketing, there’s something for everyone on this site.

4. MIT Technology Review

Run by: MIT Website link: Technologyreview.com In this collection of articles, the MIT Technology Review shares how big data affects everything around us. Learn how data relates to day-do-day life, from cars to government to wi-fi.

5. Gartner

Run by: Gartner Website link: Gartner.com/blog Gartner is purveyor of the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, an annual market research report about the state of BI. Gartner’s Business Intelligence blog is one to follow to stay informed on the trends in the market, how the market has changed, along with the BI vendors and players you should follow.

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6. Forrester’s Business Intelligence Blog

Run by: Forrester Website link: go.forrester.com/blogs A market research firm that focuses on technology, Forrester's Business Intelligence blog provides not only insights and trends, but also advice on data and BI.

7. Capterra

Run by: Capterra Website link: blog.capterra.com Latching on to trending terms in the BI industry, Capterra’s blog helps you think about your business to make smart business intelligence choices.

8. The Register

Run by: Situation Publishing Website link: theregister.co.uk A little bit of a broader collection of articles, the Register is a hub for technology professionals covering news and trends, often with a cheeky angle.

9. InformationWeek

Run by: InformationWeek Website link: Informationweek.com/big-data-analytics.asp Targeted towards the IT audience, InformationWeek's "Big Data and Analytics" provides thought provoking articles on the data culture, AI, and beyond.

10. Tableau Blog

Run by: Tableau Website link: Tableau.com/blog Well, we weren’t NOT going to include our own blog, right? Besides providing insight into our constantly updated product offerings and company culture, the Tableau blog hosts a wealth of examples, inspiration, tips & tricks, community highlights, and stories about the social impact of data. Be sure to catch the weekly “Best of the Tableau Web” column for Tableau-specific data visualizations, tips, and stories.