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Explore the millions of data visualizations and author profiles on Tableau Public with our improved search algorithm and an easy to skim visual grid layout.

Have you ever wished there was a viz on a specific topic? Or maybe daydreamed about a repository of new to you vizzes to get inspired? Or even lost track of a viz you once saw on the topic of cicadas and all you have to go off of is that one of the author’s names was Kevin? Tableau Public search to the rescue.


In just a few clicks searching Tableau Public you're able to quickly locate the viz you had lost track of, Cicadas are Coming, and discover it’s a collaboration between Tableau Zen Masters Jeffrey Shaffer and Kevin Flerage.

Or maybe you’re searching for a specific Tableau Public author but you only know their first name. Tableau Public Search not only lets you search by viz, but also by author.


You can quickly search for both vizzes and authors with the word “kevin” to locate the Tableau Public Profile you had in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a specific viz or inspiration for your next data visualization, make sure to take advantage of the millions of vizzes available for you to explore by leveraging search.

Here’s a few suggested topics to get your started:

Ready to do your own search? Simply navigate to the upper right corner of the website and click on the magnifying glass to start exploring our rich repository of data visualizations. Happy searching!