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Unlock the Value in your Manufacturing & Consumer Goods Data with Visual Analytics

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods organisations are frequently asked to predict the unpredictable. When attempting to forecast and make plans for predictable business growth, it is more important than ever that data and insight is not restricted to departmental silos.

Data insights need to be accessible across-functions in order to increase communication, surface deeper insights and make smarter decisions. Both industries have accelerated their digital transformation activities within which data and analytics offers supreme value to those who harness it effectively.

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  • Empower your employees to drive real business impact with self-serve analytics
  • Improve process efficiency & centralise production monitoring through visual analytics
  • Better serve your customers by turning real-time data into valuable insights

About the speakers


Jonathan Hawkins

Account Manager, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing, Tableau

Jonathan works in our Consumer Goods and Manufacturing business helping organisations evolve their use of analytics and culture towards data. He takes a keen interest in supply chain, is a member of the ASCM supply chain management association and has a degree in mathematics.


Ryan Biggs

Sales Consultant, Tableau

Day in day out Ryan has the complete pleasure of building, prototyping and enabling Tableau customers and internal colleagues alike in everything Analytics.

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