Time to Vote for Your Favourite Politics Viz!

Our candidates—I mean entries—are in!

We have had another fantastic suite of vizzes submitted for our Politics Viz Contest.

This post officially launches the voting period for the Crowd-Favorite Award, which comes with a prize of $500!

Use the Twitter buttons and hashtags below to cast your vote. We will be counting distinct tweets for each contestant, so you only need to vote once for your favourite contestants. Voting will stay open until 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, 4 July.

Meanwhile, the Tableau team will be judging each entry on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal to pick the main-prize winner. And that winner will go on to take the stage at TC16 in Austin to compete in the Iron Viz competition.

The winners for both the Crowd-Favorite Award and the main prize will be announced on Tuesday, 5 July!

So what are you waiting for? Start voting!

Dustin Cabral - Mr. Popularity - Examining Presidential Approval Ratings Since 1941

Michael Dwyer - Growth of the Imperial Presidency

Lisa Dhyani - Trump's Tweets

Joshua Milligan - The Long Road to Women's Voting Rights

Curtis Harris - Kennedy - A Data Biography of the 35th President of the United States

Shawn Levin - The Modern History of the Presidential Necktie

David Childs - Birmingham Local Elections Comparison 2012 and 2016

Rody Zakovich - Presidents of the United States of America

Adam Crahen - Enough

Timothy Vermeiren - Rulers of Rome

Jacob Olsufka - Historical Presidential Election Results

Kevin O'Connor - 114th Congress 2015 Travel

Nicco Cirone - Mafia Tentacles on Italian Politics

Cameron Smith - Do You Vote?

Juanma Martinez - Referendum EU - UK 2016

Robert Rouse - US vs. THEM

Corey Jones - Inauguration Speeches Throughout History

Ben Fox- Does Your Vote Count

Valentin Lefèvre - Abstentionism

Sean Miller - Presidential Twitter War

Suraj Shah - Women of Power

Savio Henriques - EU Referendum 2016

Erin Simpler Kellett - Race for the 2016 Republican Nomination

Nahush Rao - 2016 Presidential Primaries: The Role of Super PACs

Kshitij Tiwari - Politics Viz - Presidential Spending Analysis

Ben Moss - London Has Voted

Ben Moss - How Scotland's Political Geography Changed, Seat by Seat

Damiana Spadafora - The Tyranny of Minority and Vested Interest: The Case of the Danish People's Party

Pablo Saenz de Tejada - Last 20 Years of Spanish Governments

Clément Sirvente - Manifesto Project

Matt Chambers - Red vs Blue: Republican & Democrat Voting 1964-2012

Maggie Faber - How Distorted Is Your View of the 2016 US Presidential Candidates?

Matt Hoover - No Vote: Where do America's Disenfranchised Groups Live?

Jason Cantrell - National School District Spending

Jane Crofts - The Great Unfinished Business of the 21st Century

Zack Gorman - Wheel Of Presidents

Pooja Gandhi - 2016 Presidential Election Primaries

Hamid Hajebian - Working Across the Aisle

Luke Stanke - How America Votes

Mike Evans - Where have all the Presidential Beards Gone?

Brit Cava - United States of Guns

Chloe Tseng - Women in Politics
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