Education: K-12 Analytics

Schools have a lot if insight hidden in their data —but they don’t have time or resources to use arcane analytics to try and find it. Data needs to be accessible, and easy for everyone. Tableau makes it simple for educators and administrators to ask sophisticated questions, get actionable answers, and share their findings easily online. It’s also a powerful learning tool in the classroom—easy for educators and students to use yet directly applicable in the world of work. Best of all, Tableau is free for active students and instructors.

As data literacy and data skills only become more valuable, educators and students stay ahead of the curve by introducing Tableau early. Plus, the wealth of knowledge and resources for educational uses of data analysis is only expanding.

How does data analysis make a difference for students?

Hattiesburg Public School: Seeing who the student really is

Being a middle school principal means you’re in charge of the education for hundreds of students: it’s a serious responsibility with many challenges, including data challenges. In this video, N.R. Burger Middle School Principal Dr. Robert Williams discusses how Tableau helps bring “live data into the classroom” to better serve students.

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I'm very excited about the opportunities Tableau brings not only our school and our school district, but our staff and our students that enables us to make timely, effective decisions to truly move from notebooks and numbers to actual data and decisions.

Whitepaper: Five Dashboards Improving Student Achievement

With every student’s academic potential living at the center of their own unique situation, data insights have become essential for improving performance and graduation rates.

Innovative districts and schools of all sizes are finding actionable information in their data with five specific types of dashboards.

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