Communications and Media Analytics

Whether keeping a complex operating network running at full capacity or ensuring your media distribution network is optimized to fully monetize your content - either requires massive amounts of real-time data. At the terabyte level, finding meaning in that data quickly can seem impossible—but with Tableau, it’s easy. Tableau helps you find ways to do more with your existing network, respond to changing patterns of demand, manage customer churn, and predict which expansion strategies will be most profitable. In the face of increasing competition and consumer demands, Tableau empowers you to find and keep your edge. You will be able to discover key viewer and user insights quickly across all your data, so you can thrive in the always-on communications and media landscape. Immediately evaluate the success of campaigns, make programming decisions that deliver results, and find out who loves your content and why. With Tableau, you’re always interacting with the latest numbers so you can make more relevant decisions and build your brand in real-time.

Call Center and Service Communications

Deliver data-driven service

Delivering high-quality, personalized service requires agility and a data-driven strategy across your entire organization, from people to process to technology. Communications Service Providers (CSPs), like you, are turning to Tableau to transform their customer service.

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We are now able to see the entire network from multiple angles. This is because with Tableau, we can quickly change the perspective and what we want to explore in the same dataset, switching between what we want to focus on. This offers the team much better overall control and management of the network.

Communications & Broadcasting In Practice

Telco Analytics Knowledge Hub

Can regulations actually be met while pushing the boundaries of the telco industry? The answer is yes. The solution lies in harnessing the best data to consistently make better informed and profitable decisions. The Telco Analytics Knowledge Hub will show you how adopting a fresh approach to your data with Tableau can transform your business.

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The Circuit for Communications, Media & Technology

The Circuit is a video learning series for the analytical needs of those in our Communications, Media, & Technology community. Whether you're a current customer, analyst, business unit, or new to Tableau, we have a variety of sessions to help you throughout your analytics journey. 

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Using data analytics at Nextel to optimize the network operations

With Tableau, Nextel Brazil was able to understand and interpret their data to systematically monitor and interact with key performance indicators. The fast paced adoption of Tableau enabled a comprehensive view of the main pillars of process. Now, it is possible to intervene quickly in planning and standardized procedures and track the results to ensure the effectiveness of their action plans and strategies. Find out how Nextel harnessed the power of data to optimize network operations.

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From application to ecosystem at Comcast: supporting explosive user growth

Tableau is all about keeping users in the flow, but what happens when you have explosive growth on the enterprise scale? Learn how Comcast created an entire ecosystem to support the community of users after implementing a 40-core high-availability server that houses over 100 sites. Comcast shares how they leveraged a variety of techniques to support thousands of users with minimal resources.

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Going with the Flow at DISH: guiding your customers’ path on the Tableau Server

Learn the impact Tableau has had at DISH Network, directly from the team that implemented it. They will explain how DISH came to use Tableau, touch on the data that they collect and report on, and focus on two powerful techniques they repeatedly use to empower users.

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Media & Entertainment In Practice

Tableau in the cloud: A Netflix Original

Building out a data platform doesn't have to be like building a House of Cards, and our friends at Netflix know this better than anyone else. Watch this webinar to hear how they simplified their data stack without opening up a portal to the Upside Down and the Stranger Things that live there. Watch Now

Breakout Lionsgate: at the intersection of entertainment and data culture

At Lionsgate, Tableau has caused an explosion in data sharing and collaboration. Teams are now sharing new findings with other departments and blending data from different sources for a more enterprise understanding of their products. Lionsgate shared their keys to BI success. Watch Now

McGraw Hill's data-driven journey

A governance model enables knowledge sharing and collaboration by removing roadblocks and "reinvented wheels." McGraw Hill shares and illustrates the tenets of how they built a data-driven culture through Tableau's self-service analytics. Watch Now

Without Tableau I think we'd be a lot less responsive. And I think, ultimately, we would be a lot less effective. Data allows us to build the best consumer experience, allows us to connect our partners to our consumers—and ultimately that results in audience development and revenue.