Tableau and Big Data: An Overview

Today, “big data” is simply data—there’s just a lot more of it, and growing use cases for analyzing it. As the means to capture, store, process, and manage data continuously emerge and evolve, it’s clear that big data analytics strategies need flexibility and agility to meet changing business demands.

At Tableau, we believe in the democratization of data—the people who know the data should be the ones empowered to ask questions of the data. We have aligned our engineering investments, partnerships within the ecosystem, and overall vision with the evolution of the data landscape to empower self-service analytics with data big or small, no matter where it lives.

Read this paper to learn more about our rich history of investments ahead of the curve in big data—including data connectivity from Hadoop and NoSQL platforms to cloud data warehouses. See how some of our customers have architected successful big data analytics solutions with technologies across the big data ecosystem, including a breakdown of common patterns.