Data to Dashboards for Pharmaceutical Companies

5 best practices and 7 mistakes to avoid

Pharmaceutical companies have gained their competitive edge on the backs of blockbuster drugs. But as the landscape shifts away from patent-protected brands and consumers evolve how they purchase drugs, pharmaceutical companies need to turn to different assets – data and people – to fuel success.

A critical step in maximizing the impact of data and people is equipping individuals with an intuitive business intelligence solution, empowering them to become their own analysts. As ideas are explored and analyzed, it is imperative to combine this analysis into dashboards so that stakeholders can look at options, explore new ideas, and monitor progress.

You will learn:

  • How to carefully select the right metrics for your dashboard
  • How to make your dashboard simple, interactive and intuitive
  • How to transition fast-paced analysis into game-changing dashboards
  • How to find innovative breakthroughs and manage progress over time

This paper provides five best practice recommendations – and seven mistakes to avoid – to create impactful dashboards quickly and effectively. It debunks the notion that dashboards require lots of time or specialized skills and provides actionable guidelines anyone can implement.