Forbes CMO Practice Marketing Accountability Report

Marketing accountability has emerged as a CEO level issue in a rapidly changing marketplace where intangible assets make up 84% of shareholder value – and brand equity, customer relationships, organic growth rates and innovation increasingly drive stock price.

New research from the Forbes CMO Practice reveals that marketing contributes more value to the enterprise than ever, despite increasing pressure to demonstrate the financial contribution of rising ($1 trillion) investments in marketing assets, media and technology in terms of growing sales, profits and enterprise value.

This report, with contributions from more than 800 CMOs and 50 subject matter experts, includes findings on:

  • The imperative to develop financially credible measure of marketing contribution to value.
  • How marketers that invest in measuring and managing marketing performance are creating more value
  • Practical and profitable ways to improve marketing accountability in your organization
  • Six questions every CEO needs to ask about growth

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