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Tableau Server Fitness Kickoff

With Tableau Server, you can extend the value of your organization’s data and empower your users—with no limitations or performance issues. We’ll show you why IT organizations love Tableau - for its ease of deployment, robust integration, simplicity of scalability, and excellent reliability.

This session will show you the best way to configure Tableau Server to kickoff your Tableau fitness journey. Join us and make it your 2021 resolution to get your Tableau Server into shape!

This is the first webinar in our Tableau Server Fitness Challenge


About the speakers


Kiyoshi Jones

Director of Analytics

Kiyoshi is a Director of Solution Engineering focused on the Communications, Media, and Technology industries for Tableau based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He first fell in love with Tableau’s mission over 9 years ago and has since dedicated his career to helping people ‘see and understand their data.’ More specifically, Kiyoshi helps large enterprise customers modernize their technology and processes in their journey towards becoming data-driven organizations. He is passionate about education, technology, community, and data. When he is not having fun with data in Tableau, he can likely be found spending time outdoors with his family, reading, or gardening. Before Tableau, Kiyoshi worked for the Seattle School District as a Network Analyst where he was critical in upgrading their network infrastructure.


Michael Cox

Director of Services Delivery

Michael is a Director of Services Delivery in Tableau's professional services group and hails from Chicago, Illinois. He is a former Tableau customer/partner with over 15 years of experience in data and data architectures. He enjoys working with Tableau customers to help them realize the potential of data discovery and visualization. When he’s not visualizing data he’s typically out running or watching his beloved Blackhawks pursue the Stanley Cup.

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