Calculate your data

Calculated fields allow you to create new data from data that already exists in your data source.

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You can use calculations to create new dimensions, such as performing cohort analysis, or new measures, such as computing a profit ratio. When you create a calculated field, you are essentially creating a new field (or column) in your data source.

Basic calculations

Basic calculations allow you to create and save a new column of data in your data source, derived from values in pre-existing columns in your data source. For example, computing ages based off their birthdates.

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Level of detail (LOD) expressions

Level of detail (LOD) expressions are similar to basic calculations, but they are calculated at a specific level of detail. For example, repeating country-level education statistics for each university within a country, or providing yearly rainfall totals for side-by-side comparisons with monthly rainfall.

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Table Calculations

Table calculations are computed based on the data in the view and depend on the structure of the view. For example, calculating a moving average, percent of total, or running total.

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