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In 2023, AI is a ubiquitous tool for both consumers and businesses. We want to equip you to know how AI works – from the data that trains it, to how it can help businesses grow.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled all our best resources on AI, touching topics from how it works, to advantages and disadvantages, even stretching back to where it all began and where it may go in the future.

What is AI?

The phrase “artificial intelligence” refers to a specific branch of computer science that is concerned with replicating the thinking and decision-making abilities of the human brain. These programs do tasks that were previously considered too complex for a machine to handle, such as data categorization, machine assembly, or even playing games against humans. The field of AI is ever-evolving, as is the definition.

How Tableau uses AI

Introducing Tableau Business Science

Tableau business science is a new class of AI-powered analytics that brings data science capabilities to business domain experts. Using AI, machine learning, and other statistical methods to solve business problems has largely been the purview of data scientists. Many organizations have small data science teams focused on specific mission-critical and highly scalable problems. But, there are a large number of business decisions that rely on experience and knowledge in addition to data.


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