Featured Authors June 2022: Hire Me Edition

We are thrilled to introduce our new cohort of Featured Authors and astonished by the work each one of them has been doing for the last few months or even years! What do these Tableau Public Authors have in common aside from compelling data visualizations? They have all enabled the Hire Me button on their Tableau Public profile. Don’t miss the chance to explore their incredible work.


Ajay Varghese is a business analyst at American Express Global Business Travel. He became active on Tableau Public in 2020 starting with Tableau Community projects including Makeover Monday, Workout Wednesday and Real World Fake Data (#RWFD) to help develop his data skills. He loves visualizing topics related to India and participating in Community led projects, which allow him to learn and explore Tableau's capabilities and enhance his business dashboards. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and read. Connect with Ajay on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Alberto Cardenas Alberto Cardenas is a business intelligence developer who discovered Tableau in 2016 and now uses it on a daily basis. His favorite part of Tableau Public is the ease of showing his work to others and exploring other projects for inspiration. He enjoys analyzing local business data from different cities around the world, like local restaurants. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and reading books. Connect with Alberto on LinkedIn.

Dorian Banutoiu is an analytics consultant at Canonicalized where he vizzes all day long. Tableau Public has been his playground for more than 4 years—a place to see his work and data analytics style evolve week after week. He loves to share improved ways of looking at business data and making use of exciting Tableau features. He got on Public thanks to Community projects like Viz for Social Good, his all-time favorite Makeover Monday, and more recently Real World Fake Data. If it weren't for Tableau Public he wouldn't have been able to express his creativity and build his skills in such a way. He's very grateful to the platform and to the people he has connected with thanks to it. Connect with Dorian on Twitter, LinkedIn or his blog.

Elisa Davis co-leads Back 2 Viz Basics (#B2VB) and the Advancement Tableau User Group. She began using Tableau for fundraising analytics in 2018, then made the leap to "vizzing in public" in the fall of 2021. Tableau Public has provided an amazing opportunity to build her skills and relationships—a variety of data sets, experiments with color and layout, practice data storytelling: community challenges have it all! Her favorite topics to viz combine analytics, insight, and action. She has participated in Iron Quest, Games Night Viz, Datafamcon, Data Plus Music and Eduvizzers. Contributing to Tableau Public is the most fun she's had while honing a professional skill set. She encourages everyone who vizzes to pick a project and join on in! Connect with Elisa on Twitter and her blog.

Jessica Carnes is an administrative assistant working towards a career in data analytics and visualization. She started learning Tableau in January 2022 to add value to her current role and achieve future career goals but discovered that she enjoyed creating vizzes in her spare time too. Her favorite topics for visualizations are personal ones, such as issues related to maternal health and motherhood. She participated in the 30 day chart challenge during April 2022, enabling her to develop her Tableau Public portfolio and connect with the amazing Data Fam on Twitter. She finds Tableau Public to be an incredibly helpful resource, using it for inspiration and problem-solving when designing new vizzes. Connect with Jessica on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kevin Magnan is a recognized professional in data and analytics at Slalom Consulting with an extensive background in public safety, data insights and transparency, and emergency response strategies and solutions. He has experience leading teams in data preparation with Tableau Prep, data visualization solutions in Tableau Desktop and Public, and designing and implementing data governance centers of practice and strategic data road maps through Tableau Center of Excellence (CoE). Kevin excels at answering the most criticalstakeholder questions around impact and value through solutions that meet the most pressing challenges facing our communities. Connect with Kevin LinkedIn and his website.

Mala Deep is an independent data science and visualization consultant from Nepal. He is also a university lecturer and avid blogger. He uses Tableau to create business dashboards and visualization for clients across a variety of sectors. He started his Tableau Public journey in January 2020 and enjoys interacting with the Data Fam. He is passionate about creating visualizations on environmental and social topics. He is grateful to Tableau and the Community for helping him to expand his knowledge of data, design, and storytelling. Connect with Mala on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium .

Muhammad Azharis a data analyst who is passionate about his work and business-style dashboards thanks to Tableau Public—where he started regularly participating in Community led projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. His favorite part about Tableau Public is the community as they have helped him find his voice. Community projects such as Workout Wednesday and Back 2 Viz Basics have connected him with the community. Data visualizations about his country are hard to find, so creating visualizations about Pakistan is something he enjoys thoroughly. Connect with Muhammad on Twitter, LinkedIn or his blog.

Nandini Pundiris a data engineer at vCreaTek Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. Tableau was once a part of her academic course work, but she never dreamed she would be in love with it. She's been passionate about creating meaningful, easy-to-interpret data visualizations ever since she started her Tableau Public Journey after discovering #MakeOverMonday in 2020. She loves to participate in the Community Projects as they have helped deepen her passion for data analysis and visualization and expand her skills to communicate effectively with data. Tableau Public gave her the platform to showcase her creativity and grow her technical skills through visualization. She prefers graphs that are easy to understand and self-explanatory. She really likes the Hire Me Button as it helps in providing new opportunities but her favorite feature of Tableau Public website is Discover, as they allow her to explore different visualizations and topics and see a collection of amazing dashboards built by others. Connect with Nandini on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Oluwadamilola Ajumobi is a data analyst in the ecommerce and edutech space who enjoys using tableau to create business dashboards and storytelling for greater insight. She has been using Tableau Public for over a year, creating vizzes about topics that she's interested in and sharing them with the Data Fam. Her favorite part of Tableau Public is the inspiration and resources that can be found there and the love from the community. Her favorite topics to viz are business and finance. She also participates in community led projects such as Back to Viz Basics #B2VB and Diversity in Data to help improve her visualization skills. She loves exploring Tableau Public and meeting people in the Data Fam. Connect with Oluwadamilola on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rebecca Bergh (Gourley) is a digital content producer at the University of Washington, specializing in creating research-based data visualizations. She's been using Tableau since 2017 and has been actively publishing on Tableau Public since 2020. Rebecca is also an instructional assistant for a data visualization certificate program where she mentors and helps teach students who are new to data viz. In her free time, Rebecca advocates for more accessible data viz, designs data journals that provide people an analog way to keep track of their personal data, and loves creating useful data viz “tools” — like a guide for a video game or matching one’s interests with an Airbnb property in New York City. Connect with Rebecca on Twitter, LinkedIn and her blog.

Shaheen Arshiya is a senior analyst at JLL, who discovered Tableau in 2020 while on maternity leave and caring for her daughter. Her father introduced her first to Tableau, and was fascinated by the power of Tableau. She later became a Tableau Desktop Certified. Shaheen loves to participate in Community Projects such as Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday and to visualize about topics she is passionate about including business, economics, and social issues. Connect with Shaheen on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Varun Jainis a data analytics associate based out of New Delhi, India. He discovered Tableau at work and started his Tableau Public journey after attending Tableau Conference 21 last fall. In the past 8 months on this platform, he has participated in various community projects like Back to Viz Basics #B2VB, #WorkoutWednesday, and Real World Fake Data #RWFD while also vizzing about topics that he is passionate about, such as astronomy. His personal project—the astronomy calendar viz—was a Viz of the Day #VOTD recently. Tableau Public provides him a space to get his creative juices flowing, while also learning key data visualization, storytelling, and designing skills. Although creating data visualizations is not a part of his current job description, he eventually wants to steer his career towards that. Connect with Varun on Twitter.

There are thousands of authors who are using Tableau Public as a portfolio to land projects and put their data skills to work. Whether you are looking for new career opportunities or a side gig, let the world know about your data skills. Read all about the Hire Me feature here.

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