Explore the 2023 Iron Viz Entries

Explore the 209 impressive visualizations submitted during the 2023 Iron Viz global qualifier contest. This year’s theme was games.

Are you ready to be blown away by the 209 impressive visualizations submitted during the 2023 Iron Viz global qualifier contest? This year’s theme was games.

From esports and video games to sports, board games, and more, explore all the entries below and see how the DataFam tried to out viz their competition.

Over the next few weeks, a committee of Tableau Community judges will review the submissions and score them according to the following criteria:

  • Design: How appropriate is the design for the story being told?
  • Storytelling: Is there a clear story being told or a question being explored, and is there appropriate context?
  • Analysis: How sophisticated and appropriate is the data that is being used for the story?

Are you as anxious as we are to know the results? Register for the 2023 Iron Viz Qualifier Top 15 Virtual User Group happening on December 15, 2022. Here, we'll announce the top fifteen entries and the three finalists advancing to the Iron Viz Championship at Tableau Conference next year. Big stakes are on the line as our finalists will compete for a chance to win up to $10,000! For more information on prizes, please visit the contest page.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking the Iron Viz challenge is no easy feat. We’re so proud of each and every member of the community who took the time and energy to enter. To show your support, be sure to favorite their vizzes below and follow them on Tableau Public.

Board Games for Kids

Katherine Pillsbury

The Console Wars

Ghafar Shah

Plants Vs Zombies Almanac

Louis Kontaras

Tour de France

Nikhil Londhe


Asfia Hossoin

Top 100 Games of All Time

Kevin Kretzmer

The Rise of Women's Cricket

Solomon Thirumurugan

Michael Chang

Dennis Kao

Video Game Sales

Drishti Moon

Olympics (Athens to Rio)

Mythili Subramanian

My Life in Video Games

Aurélien Martinez


Sai Ram Ved V

Video Game Sales

Callum O'Neill

Clash of Clans

Riaz Ahmed

Pokémon Stats

Monika Zoltany

It's Only a Game

Robert Radburn


Stefan Melgaard


Neel Kumtakar

The Ultimate Console Battle

James Lawrence Espanol

Mobile Legends | MLBB

Phyllis Tay

Are Olympians getting younger

Felicity Dempster

Video Game Sales

Marzan Karim

Olympics 2016

sophia sacatani

Chess Analysis

Lewis Dwyer


Cindy Adwoa

F1 Analysis

Andrew Neave

Video Games Analysis

Mercy Oyekanmi

Fifa 23

Pavanith Pushpanandarajah

Kosovo - A Football Story

Abdirahman Omar

RISE &RISE of Cricket

Ritesh Bisht

Pokemon Go (analyzing 770 pokemons)

Kristina Sementkovskaia

Scavenger Hunt!

Branden Kornell


Aakarsh R

IPL Analysis

Neeraj Sangwan

Fifa 23

Tomos Rands

Premier League Big 6

Aaron Padam

Formula 1 _ 2000-2021

Arshad Ejaz

Guess the Number Data Insights

Prajakta Mandavgane


Virginia Moench

Video Games


Big Bucks! No Whammies!

Jan van Roozendaal

The Grandaddy of Them All

Shane Reynolds

Squid Game Elimination Analysis

Joseph Zongolowicz

Steph Curry

Ali Tehrani

Most Wanted Games

Dóra Balog-Szima

I suck at 7 Wonders and I want to know why

Anne-Sophie Pereira De Sá

LOL - s12

Dorad Hasani

IPL Cricket Matchups Dashboard

Kiran Kaushal Kopalley

Real World Risk

Daniel Wood

Going for Goal

Laura Uzes

Squid Game


Star of Africa

Raisa Hannus

Hunger Games: Win or Die

Vivien DeBord

Come On Down "Place A Chip"

Brandon Sheskey

2022 Penn State Football

Michelle Hertel

Track Cycling Omnium

Fiona Winder


Elisa Davis

Spiel des Jahres

Brittany Rosenau

Olympic World-le Games

Katherine Armstrong


Conor Conway

MLS - 1996 to 2018

Swapnil Sanjay Manglorkar

Games Prestons Play

Michelle Frayman

God of War video game franchise

Harshavardhana Naganagoudar


Christopher Onwuka

99 Games of Tetris 99

Brad Wheeler


Ayush Verma

Video Game Sales

Mohamed Azfar Abdul Raheem

Driver's Grid Position

Bi Rong Chia

A Story of Five Little Letterz

Lindsay Betzendahl

Men's World Trialthon Championship

Solamalai Vishvendhran

FIFA World Cup'

Rahul Singh

The Baddest Of Them All

Leah Warner-Tedaldi

The Brunson

Jim de Clercq

Premier League Clubs

Luke Thomas

World Cup Story

Yang Feng Ling

Game Finder

Toby Zuercher


Karan Chillannavar

NYT Crosswords

Catherine Callahan

Find your perfect boardgame

Jagoda Leszczynska

Most Expensive IPL Players

Priya Raghuveer


James Bright

f1 stats

Jasmine Albert


Ioan Pettit

Top Gaming Platforms 1995-2021

Furqan Muhammad Akhtar

Tokyo Olympics

Sofia Hassan


Peter Kelley

Among Us

Jan Feil Salcedo

My Chess Journey!

Villem Suursoo


Kenny Devarapalli

Gambling Games - Know Your Luck

Jesus Esquivel Roman


Mohammed Armaan

Titanic Spaceship

Sumeet Kumar Singh

The Fosbury Flop

Aditya Srinivas K

All About Ping Pong

Daniella Tejeira

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