TELCO Transformation: Changing the Approach to Customer Connections

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Meet The Boss

“Where customers were not at the point of making an online purchase, they downloaded the app and used the AR configuration guide. In a six-month period, a reduction of 40% new instal-based contact centre calls was achieved, and engineer home visits (at £150 to £200 per visit) were reduced by 10 to 15%”. Inmarsat

Across the global Telco industry, rapid change has intensified as new technologies emerge, particularly in the areas of AI and IoT, while the rollout of 5G continues. Combined with what can be done, is the issue of what must be done; in the face of customer churn, increased competition and new regulatory requirements.

This Tableau virtual roundtable, hosted by Meet the Boss, explored how Telcos look to applying data-driven analytics to improve customer targeting, and to inform the development of and innovation in personalised services, differentiated propositions, operational cost reductions, and improved network performance.

Download this summary report to discover how the top executives in UK Telco businesses:

  • Enhanced their customer experience

  • Used data to build customer connections

  • Deliver insights in the moments that matter

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