Session 4: Introduction to mapping

Tableau aims to make creating beautiful and insightful maps simple - with instant geocoding, you can get to the “where” and the “why” of your data in just a few clicks. This session with Senior Product Manager at Tableau, Ashwin Kumar, is designed to give you all the information you’ll need to start building maps today. In addition to creating maps, we discuss how to utilize color and size effectively and troubleshoot common mapping errors.

Join Ashwin in this introductory mapping webinar to learn how to: 

  • Define and use spatial files
  • Build different types of maps using geocoding and spatial connectors
  • Create a dashboard with multiple visualizations to easily spot outliers and uncover patterns

This is part four of the six-part Foundations of data visualization webinar seriesLooking for more advanced mapping techniques? Join us over the next two sessions as we dive into best practices, lesser-known map types, and geographic data analysis.


About the speaker


Ashwin Kumar

Senior Product Manager

Ashwin is a Product Manager at Tableau. He joined Tableau in 2017 after graduating from Stanford University with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems. At Tableau, Ashwin works on the Maps Team, where he leads the development of features that help you answer the question 'Where?'. Ashwin works with a variety of internal teams, and customers, to ensure that Tableau builds the right features to solve customer needs. You can follow him on Twitter at @theonlyashwin.

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