What is the LGBTQ+ DataPride Tableau User Group?

Learn more about the virtual community-led initiative focused on highlighting, elevating and bringing together the LGBTQ+ community and its allies in data.

The LGBTQ+ (DataPride) Tableau User Group (TUG) is a virtual community-led initiative focused on highlighting, elevating, and bringing together the LGBTQ+ community and its allies in data.

How did the DataPride TUG get started?

The DataPride TUG got started in 2022 when Tableau Ambassador Lawrence Durbin (He/Him/His) saw a need for more visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in data. “I wanted to create space and visibility for the LGBTQ+ DataFam to be themselves—and showcase the diversity of Tableau and the DataFam at large.” The DataPride TUG is now co-led by Lawrence and Sarah Carr (She/Her) and will have monthly meetings through 2023.

Data Pride TUG Co-leaders (left to right): Lawrence Durbin and Sarah Carr.

What is the group’s mission?

This group leads with the motto, “Pride is all year round”. The goal is to make sure the LGBTQ+ Tableau Community has a continuous presence. Lawrence shares, “A lot of the time, companies, groups, and even individuals highlight the LGBTQ+ community and issues during Pride Month only—yet the community is more than just that one month.” 

Just like any other TUG, Data Pride is focused on providing a space for the community to learn and grow their skills. Their differentiator is that they focus on belonging and so, can bring in all types of data people. Whether you’re new to Tableau or have been using it for years, a DataDev or business user, or wherever you’re tuning in from—the common thread is Pride. This common thread allows them to try new things and to be open to new ideas and people joining the team. 

What are some Data Pride meetup and project highlights?

Each DataPride TUG event is a bit different. Meetings include behind-the-data sessions, project highlights, design + data best practices, and technical how-tos. Networking is also an important aspect, which is why the TUG leaders always try to hold connection time at the end for attendees to ask questions and come together.  

As a virtual community, the DataPride TUG is able to reach across borders and be truly accessible to all. While meetups are usually hosted online, members got to connect and network in person, for the first time, at Tableau Conference 2023. “The DataPride meetup at TC23 filled my heart with queer joy! I met so many wonderful people. We geeked out about the conference and all the queer romantic comedies on Netflix. I even danced with some of them at Data Night Out,” says Sarah.

Data Pride TUG meetup at Tableau Conference 2023.

In partnership with the Tableau Community Project Back to Viz Basics, a visualization challenge was created using datasets focused on uplifting the LGBTQ+ community. The first dataset was on the Lambda Literary Awards, a celebration of LGBTQ+ literature, and the second on the “You Are Loved” billboard campaign. Tableau Community members used the dataset and created Tableau Public visualizations which were then shared across social media and celebrated during DataPride TUG meetups. 

Explore some of the visualizations created by DataPride TUG members and hear how being a part of this community has impacted them: 


Great Divide on Homosexuality Acceptance (ternary plot w/ reference lines) by Kevin Wee


Kevin Wee

Kevin Wee (He/Him), Tableau Public Ambassador

"Creating vizzes on LGBTQ+ issues and being a part of DataPride TUG enabled me to shed light on events concerning our community. I hope that the stories I shared through these vizzes spread awareness of the complexity and humanity of our community.”


Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners by Mehras A.


Mehras A

Mehras A. (He/Him), Data Scientist

"By engaging in these initiatives, I've developed deeper connections with the #DataFam, extended support, and shared the message: 'You Are Loved.' I aim to raise awareness, educate the public, and provide strong community support.”


All of the submissions were so creative and amazing! When the submissions were coming in, my Twitter feed was full of rainbow vizzes and messages of love and acceptance.

How can I get involved with the Pride TUG?

The Pride TUG is open to the LGBTQ+ data community and its allies. Stay up to date and join an upcoming meetup. If you’re looking to get inspired by more Tableau Public visualizations focused on Pride, check out Tableau’s Viz Gallery

Lastly, if you’re interested in creating visualizations around Pride, Diversity in Data, and more—Tableau Community Projects is a great place to start. 

Lawrence shares, “For anyone in the LGBTQ+ community interested in data, you are not alone. There is a vast community in data of LGBTQ+ individuals & allies who are here for you and want to help you succeed. 

For those allies who want to support the LGBTQ+ data community, my advice is to come to events, be present, be aware, share your knowledge and skills, and stand with the community.”