6 Education Day

Wednesday, November 10 is Six Education Day! As we release our newest creation, Tableau 6, licensed 6 Experts will be standing by at Tableau’s universal headquarters to field any questions you may have about it. We invite anyone—from data experts to the data-curious- to join us and learn everything you ever wanted to know about 6 but were too afraid to ask.

You can reach our professional 6 educators through:

  • Twitter: Tweet any 6 question you got, just remember to add the tag #joyof6
  • Email: Submit questions to joyof6@tableau.com
  • Blog: Post a comment right here!

As questions come in, our 6 Experts will provide answers and share some of their best 6 techniques. All of the most 6'ual conversations will be recorded right here in the Tableau blog.

In addition to dispensing some 6'ual enlightenment, at 6 minutes after the hour from 8am-5pm PST, Tableau will be giving away “Joy of 6” T-shirts.

So don't be shy, have the best 6 of your life tomorrow: Tableau 6.

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