Iron Viz Water: The Winners

We have a winner! We were delighted to see all of the splashing vizzes from Iron Viz Water. With 78 submissions, it was the largest competition of 2018. The submissions have been scored, and it is now time to share the results.
We were delighted to welcome famous data viz experts as guest judges:

  • Shirley Wu, cofounder of data sketches and freelance software engineer
  • RJ Andrews, data storyteller and founder of Info We Trust
  • Giorgia Lupi, information designer, artist and entrepreneur advocating for Data Humanism
  • John Burn-Murdoch, Senior Data-Visualization Journalist for the Financial Times

And without further ado, let's dive into the part you are all waiting for!

Crowd Favorite

Finding an Oasis in Space
Finding an Oasis in Space by Daniel Caroli
This was the most favorited viz in the competition with a total of 33 favorites.

Best New Entrant

Consequences of Ice Sheets Melting In Antarctica
Consequences of Ice Sheets Melting In Antarctica by Hugo Lèbre
This was Hugo’s first time participating in an Iron Viz contest, and he finished in third place!

And the winner is...

World of Water
World of Water by Timothy Vermeiren
Congratulations, Timothy! You are the third and final contestant confirmed for Iron Viz at Tableau Conference 2018.

The Scores

The same scoring process from our previous contest was used, where a team of Tableau employees scored the entries to create a shortlist of ten vizzes for our expert data viz judges to score. Each viz has been reviewed by our judges, and assessed on analysis, storytelling, and design.

Many thanks to all of you who participated by submitting a viz, as well as by voting for your favorite(s)! And of course, a big thank you to all our judges for their eager eyes. Be sure to get your ticket to Tableau Conference to watch the Iron Viz Championship live on October 24th!