Arauco turns to Tableau for more data-driven decisions

Tableau: How has Tableau impacted Arauco?
Luis Felipe Soffia, Head of Market Intelligence: We can support our decisions with the data; that is something that was not like this before.

Tableau: How would you describe Arauco’s experience with Tableau?
Luis: The experience has been great, in the sense that we have been able to develop, without being experts, graphics, dashboards that are highly interactive, in a very short time. So, to that sense, it is a tool that does not compare with what we had before, to say the truth.

データで決定内容を裏付けられる。これが今までと違う点です。 エキスパートでなくても、高度な操作性を備えたダッシュボードを、短時間で作成できています。

Luis It allows us all to develop fast and to be able to publish and share information. It is super easy to connect to the data, from Excel—which is what every company has—to maybe, more complex things.

Tableau: What is the benefit of that speed and ease?
Luis: Today we have highly automatized things that looking back, I don't know, a year ago, were very hard to update. This means that the expectations of our business managers, for example of having a report with the profitability for one month could have been eight, nine days after the information was published. Today we are talking about something that updates within the same day and that is distributed to everyone.

Thus, there are many minutes, many hours gained as an organization by having the information available and online and that everyone can have access to. And I haven't even started telling you about the maps that for a company as ours, which is global, and has different manufacturing sites, and several different places where it sells—it is essential to be able to easily visualize your sales in a map. Your sales, your returns, your product, etc. Thus, all that sort of package makes the experience quite good and makes of Tableau a product that is quite complete.

Tableau: What would you say to others who might be considering Tableau?
Luis: Look, in terms of costs, when they, obviously, proposed the tool, but we also performed a brief investigation, and we found that it was by far the best alternative. So, in that sense, we found it to be very good… the relation from what I get to what I pay.