What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Dashboards?

IEEE InfoVis 2018 (Berlin, Oct 21-26, 2018)

Dashboards are one of the most common use cases for data visualization, and their design and contexts of use are considerably different from exploratory visualization tools. In this paper, we look at the broad scope of how dashboards are used in practice through an analysis of dashboard examples and documentation about their use. We systematically review the literature surrounding dashboard use, construct a design space for dashboards, and identify major dashboard types. We characterize dashboards by their design goals, levels of interaction, and the practices around them. Our framework and literature review suggest a number of fruitful research directions to better support dashboard design, implementation, and use.


Alper Sarikaya, Lyn Bartram, Melanie Tory, Danyel Fisher

Tableau 作成者

Michael Correll, Melanie Tory