Tableau Visionaries Share Their Best Advice (Part 2)

Andrew Grinaker
Tableau's Tableau Visionaries share their best tip, piece of advice, or thing you should know about data in this rapid-fire, non-stop, two-part session. The Tableau Visionaries who present include: Abisola Oni, Ann Jackson, Chris DeMartini, Diego Parker, Jim Dehner, Ken Flerlage, Kevin Flerlage, Klaus Schulte, Lindsay Betzendahl, Lorna Brown, Luke Stanke, Marc Reid, Neil Richards, Pahola Diaz, Satoshi Ganeko, Simon Beaumont, Tristan Guillevin, Yupeng Wu, and Zach Bowders. The Tableau Hall of Fame Tableau Visionaries who present include: Chris Love, Jeffrey Shaffer, Jonathan Drummey, and Joshua Milligan.


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