Getting Started


Tableau Account Managers typically contact prospective customers with a variety of materials and web links to further explain what we do and how we do it. For example, you will typically receive an introductory email with links to more information, product manuals, our knowledge base, and similar. Much like these very web pages you are currently looking at.

Tableau Drive is a process by which medium and large organizations can effectively move from their traditional BI models to a more agile process methodology focused on fast, iterative, and business-driven processes. Tableau staff and partners are available to help you further understand Tableau Drive.

Elements of the Tableau Drive methodology include:

  • Best practices around consistent brand, formatting, and display concepts
  • Best practices when creating data models and semantic layers in Tableau
  • Best practices when designing reports, dashboards, self-service analytics, scorecards or any other Tableau content
  • Best practices when collaborating with colleagues and teams
  • Best practices for IT, architecture and security issues


First things first: if you have not watched one of our intro videos, we strongly recommend doing so. "Getting Started" is approximately 20 minutes in length - if you have never used our platform before it is very important that you watch this video before reviewing any other materials! If you would like shorter 5-minute version, try this one instead.

The rest of this micro site will help you with various methodologies, materials and concrete examples of how best to leverage the Tableau Platform. Some additional helpful links that we recommend bookmarking: