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Tableau Day

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Connect with Tableau experts and masters of visual analytics among your peers to explore fresh ideas and best practices in modern analytics.

Topics Covered

Tableau Platform- Analytics at scale across the enterprise.

Explore the Tableau Platform and we will demonstrate the key takeaways of each Tableau product including Add-ons and API landscape for external use cases.

Art of Story Telling

This session focusses on defining performant dashboards that uncovers hidden insights on data by combining seamless user engagement with powerful dashboards. We will provide you with tips and tricks for efficient story telling with Tableau.

Power of Integration

Processed data in the form of integration turns into a core value proposition only if it is integrated with your in-house and external data sets. Integration naturally brings more depth to your insights. This session will cover key aspects of integration that you can use in Tableau.

Customer Success story - DTDC Express

Hear from Mrinal Chakraborty, EVP - Technology and Innovation, DTDC Express on how they’ve been using Tableau in their organization for informed decision making.

Managing your data - Logical data model

This session provide a deep dive into logical data model based offering from Tableau that transforms the way you look at the data, carry out LOD calculations and Joins. This session helps you understand the run-time transformations that can help you use Tableau's built in algorithms to make data join decisions.

Data predictions and Forecasting

Predictive capabilities have been one of the building blocks for AI powered features in Tableau. Forecasting algorithms act as a building blocks for predictive capabilities. The session highlights the usage of forecasting options, clustering that helps you derive segmentation and trends from data set.


Who Should Attend

If you are leading, delivering, or contributing towards an analytics or business intelligence program or initiative at your organization, Tableau Day is perfect for you!

We welcome the Leaders, Managers, IT Specialists and Analysts to join us from:

• Data Management

• Analytics/Business Intelligence/Insights

• Strategy/Innovation/Transformation

• Data Science • Operations (inc. IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Fraud & Risk Management)


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