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Level of Detail Expressions

At Tableau, our goal is to make analytics a delightful and useful experience. People tell us that when they are deeply engaged in Tableau they stop thinking about the mechanics of using the product and just have fun asking questions of their data. We call this experience flow—a state of joyful immersion in a task.

If you have to start thinking about how to use the tool to solve the problem, your flow is broken. One common cause of this is the need to work with data that has been aggregated to different levels of detail. These questions are often simple to ask, but hard to answer. They can sound something like: Can I plot the number of days per quarter where my company had more than 100 orders?

To address these types of questions, Tableau invented a syntax called Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions. This syntax both simplifies and extends Tableau’s calculation language by making it possible to address level of detail questions directly.

During this webinar, you’ll gain insights into how LOD expressions work, along with a more in-depth look at the different types of LOD Expressions and their respective use cases.

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Bronson Shonk

In September 2013, with a two-week notice, Bronson packed up a duffel bag, sold his car in New Hampshire, and jumped on a plane to Seattle to join Tableau as a product consultant.

You can find Bronson hiking, climbing, and skiing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, or solving data problems from the center of the universe in Fremont, Seattle.

Bronson was born and raised in Atlanta. He studied environmental science and studio art at the University of Vermont.

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