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How to visually analyse your retail flow-of-goods

To improve product availability and product quality within your physical and online retail stores, you need to understand what’s happening at each step in a product's journey up to the point of sale - this is your flow-of-goods.

In this webinar, retail analytics expert Simon Runc will demonstrate how to visually analyse your data at every point along the flow-of-goods, including your supply chain data and point of sale data, so you can make quicker and better product decisions in real-time.

Learn how to visually analyse your retail flow-of-goods data so you can...

  • See in real-time what’s happening to your products
  • Combine your supply chain data and point of sale data for greater insight
  • Reduce stock-holding but improve on-shelf availability
  • Take action before low stock availability becomes an issue
  • Empower suppliers to act ahead of difficulties

About the speaker


Simon Runc

Retail Analytics Expert - Atheon Analytics

Simon is a Visual Data Analyst at Atheon Analytics, where he humanizes data for the retail sector. He has over 10 years’ experience across many analytical roles. He's all about data-driven decision making and Data Visualization is his weapon-of-choice, in this endeavor.

He started using Tableau in 2014, where it was love at first sight and was made a Tableau Forum Ambassador in 2015. He attributes most of his Tableau knowledge to his engagement in this wonderful resource.

He is also vegan, loves cycling round London and has 5 rescue cats!

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