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Virtual Demo: Improve Data and Server Management with Tableau Add-Ons (Thai)

Introducing Tableau’s Add-on solutions for Data Management and Server Management, designed to help our customers accelerate the adoption of self-service analytics.

Tableau Data Management helps users build trust in their analysis by managing data assets within the Tableau environment, from data preparation to cataloging, search, and governance. Tableau Prep Conductor and Tableau Catalog are features of this Add-on.

Tableau Server Management makes it easy to run large, mission-critical server deployments. Users can act quickly to changing business needs and streamline the management process. Tableau Content Migration Tool and Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool are features of this Add-on.

In this 60-minute virtual demonstration, you will learn:

  • How Tableau Prep Conductor helps schedule, monitor, and administer your data flows
  • How Tableau Catalog delivers a complete view of data relationships and how it is connected to your analytics including lineage, impact analysis, and usage metrics
  • How Tableau Content Migration Tool allows you to build your migration plan visually and move content between projects, sites or Tableau Server environments easily
  • How Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool provides visibility into the health of a Tableau Server by providing near real-time performance data, for efficient server management

Who should attend

  • IT, Server Administrators, Data Engineers, Data Stewards, Content Creators, and Analytics teams
  • Tableau Server customers who wish to leverage these Add-on capabilities in their deployment
  • Tableau Desktop customers, and organizations new to Tableau, exploring server deployment

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