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Fundamentals of Tableau

Watch this webinar to master the foundations of Tableau...

  • Where to begin with your data visualization journey?
  • How to get business insights efficiently?

If you are unsure of what to do with your data or where to get started —this webinar will teach you how to prepare your data for real-world analysis.

Learn how data-driven decisions can support your business through the COVID-19 pandemic and hear from our customers about their journey with Tableau.

Topics Covered

    Leading Through Change.

    This session will empower you to gain deep insight into business and take data-driven approaches to support your business through the COVID-19 pandemic. Duration - 15 MIN.

    Introduction to Visual Analytics with Tableau.

    When you are trying to make sense out of your data, where do you begin? Duration - 27 MIN

    Tips to prep and validate your data

    Learn how to unify data from different source systems with Tableau. Duration - 20 MIN

    Customer Speaker.

    Prakash Khatri, AVP Analytics, FSS. Duration - 14 MIN

    Beyond Dashboards.

    How can you get closer to your data to get more business insights easily and faster? Duration - 12 MIN

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