Tableau Server on Google Cloud Platform

Madeleine Corneli, Product leader

Leverage the scale and flexibility of Google’s Cloud Platform to power your Tableau Server deployment

This whitepaper is a technical guide for deploying Tableau on the Google Cloud Platform, the enterprise solution of choice for many organizations with large and complex data problems. Because Tableau integrates seamlessly with the Google Cloud Platform, IT can ensure maximum efficiency for any user to visually explore their data. 

Tableau captures the entire spectrum by connecting natively to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google BigQuery, and Cloud SQL to analyze billions of rows in seconds without writing a single line of code. With no need to move data to in-memory storage, you can analyze data in-place to take full advantage of Google’s cloud computing capacity, providing an end to end analytics solution.

Deploy and manage Tableau Server on Google Cloud Platform

Tableau Server can be deployed in many configurations on all major public clouds. Your deployment will be unique to the needs of your organization. We will address deploying Tableau Server using Google Cloud infrastructure, implementing security and governance practices using cloud-first solutions, and connecting to data stored in the Google Cloud. 

In this paper, we’ll touch on the key elements to consider when investing in a Tableau and Google Cloud deployment. This includes the following topics:

  • Virtual machine sizing and performance guidelines
  • Distributed and multi-node Tableau Server deployments, including high availability, load balancing, securing network traffic, and more
  • Supporting a HIPAA-eligible Tableau Server deployment on Google Cloud Platform
  • Cost management resources from Google and Tableau to monitor and optimize your cloud spend
  • Identity and access management integrations and options, including user and database authentication and access control
  • Tableau native connections to Google Cloud services
  • Additional considerations like data transfer costs, Tableau data governance, working with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios, and more

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Madeleine Corneli

Product leader

Madeleine was a product leader at Tableau from 2015-2023, and a senior product manager on Tableau's technology partners team. She built joint solutions that enabled customers to take advantage of Tableau and its many partner relationships. Outside of work, Madeleine can be found in the mountains, at a local brewery, or biking around Bainbridge island.