Disaster Recovery for Tableau Server

Please note: This paper assumes you are running Tableau Server version 2018.2 or more recent (with Tableau Services Manager).

Disaster recovery (DR) means being prepared for—and recovering from—disaster. Any event such as hardware failure, software failure, natural calamity, human error, or infrastructure failure that causes disruption to business continuity can be considered a disaster.

A well-defined Disaster Recovery plan will prepare you and your enterprise for a disaster. Along with a well-defined plan it is important that you test the plan on a regular basis to be able to act quickly and precisely during a disaster to have minimal impact to your business.

As analytics are often mission-critical, Tableau Server must run reliably to support the enterprise—even during unexpected events that can compromise the platform’s availability. Tableau’s built-in backup and recovery technologies can be used to meet your DR needs.

This whitepaper highlights how you can optimize your DR plan to meet your business goals. Areas we'll cover:

  • Understanding disaster recovery, including your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).
  • Understanding backups for disaster recovery with Tableau Server, including backing up user and workbook metadata as well as configuration and topology data for Tableau Server.
  • Disaster recovery planning for low RTO (of a few minutes), medium RTO (of a few hours), and high RTO (of several hours or days).
  • Additional considerations for enterprises with Tableau Server deployed in the public cloud.

Today, self-service analytics are helping to bring data-driven decision-making to more people across the organization. Employees and executives are using analytics that help them discover relevant data and answer questions in real time. Tableau Server is a leader in providing mission-critical self-service analytics. It enables rapid self-service data exploration, promotes trust in content and data through robust governance, and is easy to deploy, manage, and scale across any enterprise.

Read more to learn about DR with Tableau Server and Tableau Services Manager.

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