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Why Cloud Analytics is Important in the World of New Data

In only a few short years, cloud applications have experienced a rapid growth across all industries and all types of companies, from startups to large enterprises. Every department in a company, be it sales, marketing, service, or finance has a specific cloud application that they choose to accelerate their business processes.

The nature of cloud applications has given companies the ability to quickly customize their business processes to respond to their customers in a more agile fashion. It is also transforming companies in a world where they need to engage more with customers using newer types of data that they previously never had access to - and desperately need insights from.

Watch this 45 minute webinar to learn:

  • How cloud applications are helping companies move from a system of transactions to a system of engagement with their customers
  • Why cloud analytics are an essential ingredient towards gaining rapid insights into your customers
  • What kinds of ‘new data’ you should be looking out for to more fully understand your buyer
  • What kinds of security considerations you should take into account with the cloud

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About the speakers


Ashwin Viswanath

Product Marketing, Informatica Cloud

Ashwin joined Informatica in 2011 and is currently responsible for platform product marketing for the Informatica Cloud family of offerings. Specifically, Ashwin is tasked with launching Informatica Cloud into partners’ markets and helping to tell the Informatica ‘Hybrid IT’ story. Ashwin is an accomplished platform product marketer and product manager with several years’ industry experience in Fortune 500 enterprise software companies such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. When not working, you can find Ashwin hiking in the great outdoors where he meticulously uses several fitness tracking tools to measure as many data points as possible.


Todd Talkington

Senior Technology Partner Manager, Tableau Software

Todd Talkington is a 15-year veteran of the high-tech industry. At Tableau, Todd is focused on managing the relationships with Tableau technology partners, helping them bring solutions to market that enable Tableau customers better see and understand their data.

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