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Iron Viz Behind the Scenes with Pradeep

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Do you catch yourself looking at Tableau Public visualisations wondering, "How did they do that?"

For this episode, we invite Pradeep Kumar G, one of the finalists of this year's Iron Viz at Tableau Conference 2021 to share about how he built up his skills and confidence to submit his visualisation for the Data + Joy feeder contest.

Pradeep will share some of the tricks he used to secure his place in the finals and what tricks you can look forward to at Iron Viz 2021!

Check out Pradeep's Tableau Public profile to get up to speed on some of his work!

About the speakers


Pradeep Kumar G

Lead - Data Visualization at Beinex, India

Pradeep is a Lead - Data Visualization at Beinex, India and a Tableau Public Ambassador. He is a Vizzie’19 co-winner and one of the Iron Viz 2021 finalists. He has 6x VOTDs and has been listed in​ ​"Top 5 Authors" by most favorited vizzes on Tableau Public out of ​2 million authors!

His visualizations convey compelling data stories by leveraging simple charts like bar, line, area charts, and more. Pradeep loves to create ​​business dashboards with Tableau in his day-to-day life. His interests include exploring VOTDs and drawing inspirations from astounding vizzes created by datafam.


Tanushree Rohera

Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

Tanushree is a Solution Engineer with Tableau who focuses on the Singapore and India markets. Her job involves helping data leaders deploy Tableau and link it with their broader data strategy. Learning from these leaders, she’s also devoted time to developing the community around them.

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