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How Retail & Consumer Goods Companies are Pivoting with Data

In this webinar, Karl Riddett, who has over 20 years of experience in the retail and restaurant analytics space, discusses the all-too-common challenges of upgrading legacy systems and how to better serve analytics reporting users of all levels, from executive to frontline.

In addition to outlining the different types of users and their unique needs, Karl demonstrates how the combination of Tableau and branded analytics provides competitive advantages allowing organizations to pivot and navigate unforeseen circumstances, in areas such as:

  • Sales, transactions and check average
  • Product mix and market basket analysis
  • Restaurant/retail location analytics, drive-thru, speed of service
  • Customer preferences and promotion analytics
  • Infrastructure setup and support
  • COVID-19 impact and recovery

With an emphasis on self-service and speed-to-insight, our goal is to help individuals and organizations alike take the next step towards modernizing their analytics strategy.

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Karl Riddett

Solutions Lead, InterWorks

Karl Riddett, Solutions Lead (Atlanta, GA), has 20 years of experience leading Data & Analytics teams, projects and initiatives. Karl brought Tableau and modern analytics solutions in his prior role as Director of Data & Analytics at Arby’s. He lead the retirement of legacy BI systems and the modernization of their Data & Analytics platform. Today, Karl helps enable clients in all industries to “See and Understand” their data through transformative solutions, systems and processes. Karl understands the nuances of technology in a distributed ecosystem that is typical in a restaurant and retail world. He has also helped move companies in this space from lagging to leading with Analytics. Karl has been certified in Tableau & Snowflake and has experience in the entire “modern” BI stack.

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