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How to Maximize Every Customer Service Interaction using Tableau CRM

Service agents play a critical role in your organization. They’re on the front lines engaging with your customers every day, turning frowns upside down to keep satisfaction high. Why not equip them with the insights they need to make the most of every customer interaction?

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we’ll discuss how Tableau CRM can help your service organization to:

  1. Boost agent productivity: combine disparate service data and embed insights directly within Service Cloud records to reduce swivel chair and customer hold times
  2. Reduce customer churn: use Einstein to predict likelihood of customer churn and then proactively engage at risk customers
  3. Grow revenue via up-sell and cross-sell: turn your service center into a meaningful source of revenue by empowering agents to make the right offer at the right time with prescriptive recommendations

About the speakers


Roman Michalik

Prinicipal Solution Engineer, Tableau CRM

Roman Michalik is a Prinicipal Solution Engineer for Tableau CRM. He joined Salesforce in 2014 as Core Solution Engineer and switched to analytics specialist in 2016.
During more than 25 years of experience in analytics - it all started with Excel 2.0 - he has always focused on customer related analytics.


Gert-Jan Tretmans

Senior Strategic Account Manager, Tableau CRM

Gert-Jan Tretmans has been part of the Salesforce AI and Analytics team (now Tableau CRM) since its inception. Gert-Jan has been working with many Salesforce customers on embedding analytics & intelligence in CRM applications and ensuring adoption of these new capabilities

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