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Centralizing Your Retail Analytics Strategy with Tableau Data Management

Do you want a self-service analytics environment that’s built to make data prep, cataloging, search, and governance easier for both IT and analysts—even as your data assets grow?

Join Sarah Bohannon, Tableau Solution Engineer to learn about Tableau’s approach to ETL (Extract Transform and Load) and centralized Data Management. Data Management helps users build trust in their analysis by managing data assets within the Tableau environment. Tableau Prep Conductor and Tableau Catalog are features of this Add-on.

Highlights will include:

  • How Tableau Prep Conductor helps schedule, monitor, and administer your data flows
  • How Tableau Catalog delivers a complete view of data relationships and how it is connected to your analytics including lineage, impact analysis, and usage metrics
  • How Virtual Connections and Data Policies provide central access to data and centralized row level security
  • How all Tableau users, from consumers of content to analysts and admins, will benefit from the trust and visibility Tableau Data Management delivers

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