Food Fight Winners!

What an amazing first round to Iron Viz feeder series! We received more entries for this round than we ever have before! And boy, were there some good ones. The Twitter community sympathized with what a hard time we had choosing:

Before we announce our big winner, let's give a quick shout-out to the Crowd Favorite, the entry that received the most votes via Twitter.

Crowd Favorite: Luke Stanke - The Meat We Eat

Luke Stanke's choice to make a mobile-friendly viz won over the community. His analysis on why having a meatless Monday could reduce the environmental impact of meat production was particularly popular.

The Big Winner: Russell Spangler - Tableau Sushi

Russell Spangler's beautiful and intricately-designed Sushi viz immediately caught the eye of the judges. Upon further investigation, we saw that those pieces of sushi weren't just simple custom shapes but actually polygons that had been dynamically generated and colored. We were also impressed by the automatically-updating "bestseller list." We love vizzes that are already great on first glance but then make us say, " did he DO that?" We aren't the only ones:

Congratulations, Russell! We will see you in Austin! Thanks to all of our wonderful competitors. There are still two more chances to get into Iron Viz, so check back around June for our next contest!