DataFam Roundup: April 12 - April 16, 2021

A weekly blog post that brings together what’s trending in the community all in one post.

Welcome back! Dig into the latest DataFam Roundup—a weekly blog post that brings together what’s trending in the community all in one post. As always, we invite you to send us your content—and the DataFam content from your peers that have inspired you! Find the content submission form here.

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A Lite UI Checklist for Dashboard Design InterWorks

Translate other languages to English in Tableau, Avinash Reddy Munnangi

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RDU Tableau User Group

DataDev Day

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April 20, 2021 Quantified Self: Hand Drawn Data Visualisations: See some more real world examples on Hand Drawn Data Visualisations, with data that has been manually collected. This webinar features Sophie Sparkes and Andy Kriebel from The Information Lab, but we also have a special guest from Tableau, Taha Ebrahimi.

April 22, 2021 Zero to Zen – and five stops along the way: Zen Master Jim Dehner shares the five basic concepts he needed to understand on the road from spreadsheet to Tableau. Like many I started at ground zero with a background using spreadsheet calculators but no real experience with visual analytics or Tableau. It took some work and there were some rough spots on the journey but along the way there were 5 basic concept that I really need to understand.

May 20, 2021 Tableau’s first DataDev Day: We’re excited to announce a new, one-day event dedicated to DataDevs and anyone interested in or using the Tableau developer platform to create integrations and customize Tableau for their organizations.


Lord of the Rings Viz

Lacrosse D1 Champions, Simon Rowe

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Community Projects

Tableau Community Projects

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Makeover Monday

Join the community every Monday to work with a given data set and create better, more effective visualizations.
Web: Makeover Monday
Twitter: #MakeoverMonday
Week 15: Fouls Called Game by NBA Refereees

Workout Wednesday

Build your skills with a weekly challenge to re-create an interactive data visualization. 
Web: Workout Wednesday
Twitter: #WOW2021
Week 15: Website Analytics

Sports Viz Sunday

Create and share data visualizations using rich, sports-themed data sets in a monthly challenge. 
Web: Sports Viz Sunday
Twitter: #SportsVizSunday
April 2021: NCAA D1 Lacross

Iron Quest

Practice data sourcing, preparation, and visualization skills in a themed monthly challenge. 
Web: Iron Quest
Twitter: #IronQuest
March 2021: Diversity in Entertainment

Storytelling with Data

Practice data visualization and storytelling skills by participating in monthly challenges and exercises. 
Web: Storytelling with Data
Twitter: #SWDChallenge
April 2021: ask & answer

Project Health Viz

Uncover new stories by visualizing healthcare data sets provided each month. 
Web: Project Health Viz
Twitter: #ProjectHealthViz
March 2021: Quantified Self

SDG Viz Project

Visualize data about Sustainable Development Goals provided by the World Health Organization. 
Web: SDG Viz Project
Twitter: #TheSDGVizProject
March 2021: Goal 15- Life on Land

Preppin' Data

A weekly challenge to help you learn to prepare data and use Tableau Prep. 
Web: Preppin’ Data
Twitter: #PreppinData
2021 Week 15: Restaurant Menu & Orders

Real World Fake Data

Create business dashboards using provided data sets for various industries and departments.
Web: Real World Fake Data
Twitter: #RWFD
Dataset #7: Supply Chain Manufacturing

Viz 2 Educate

Each month, create vizzes on global education syllabus topics as resources for teachers worldwide.
Web: Viz 2 Educate
Twitter: #Viz2educate
April: Arts & Music

Diversity in Data

An initiative centered around diversity, equity & awareness by visualizing provided datasets each month. 
Web: Diversity in Data
Twitter: #DiversityinData
March 2021: Adaptive Sports

Viz for Social Good

Volunteer to design data visualizations that help nonprofits harness the power of data for social change.
Web: Viz for Social Good
Twitter: #VizforSocialGood