Visual Analytics Best Practices from Tableau 8 Tour

Wow! What an incredible roadshow it's been. While we still have Tableau 8 Tour dates coming up in Europe and Asia-Pacific, we've officially wrapped our North America tour after visiting over 60 cities in two months. In every city, our customers reminded us why we all love working at Tableau -- because we're building great products for brilliant, passionate users. Thanks to everyone who made it out to one of these tour dates.

One of the most popular sessions on the tour was the Visual Analytics Best Practices breakout. So many of you requested the slide deck for this session that we decided to just put it online. Keep reading for all the session materials.

You can view the slides from the presentation on Slideshare:

But if you saw the presentation, you know there's a bit more to it than just the slides. You probably remember the videos. Here's where to get them:

Examples of Change Blindness (the spot-the-difference game)

You can find a bunch of these at this site. Note that they require QuickTime to view. The examples we showed during the presentation were "Chopper & Truck" and "Harborside."

Derren Brown's Hilarious Take on Change Blindness

If you found yourself laughing during the session, it was probably at this Derren Brown video, which you can watch again on YouTube.

Pre-Attentive Features and Tasks

You can watch the demonstration of preattentive features and tasks on YouTube as well.

Other Resources

Still looking for more information on how to do great data visualization? Here are some resources.

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