The Power of Data in High Tech to Drive Smarter Decisions

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“68% of leaders in data-driven businesses have a positive outlook compared to 52% of those that aren't data-driven” YouGov

"By 2023, over 33% of large organisations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence and modelling" Gartner

With digital transformation accelerating exponentially across every sector, companies in today’s competitive business landscape are increasingly looking for more intelligent ways to run their organisations.

They require greater insights, real-time performance reporting and predictive analysis to drive greater operational efficiency and performance while increasing visibility across every line of business.

The world we now live in is changing the way we think about work too. Remote and hybrid working models have become the norm, pushing companies to become more flexible, digital-first and connected than ever before. Digital tools, deeper customer and employee understanding and the ability to break down silos have become critical to long-term success.

This report uncovers how High Tech businesses across software, IT services and B2B hardware can accelerate transformation to truly embrace data- led decision-making and so become faster, more relevant and agile as we move into an entirely new business landscape.

Download now and discover how you can enable your business through:
  • More intelligent operations through data-driven decision-making

  • Delivering authentic, connected and engaging customer experiences

  • The power of data to enhance operational efficiency

  • Reimagining employee engagement for a digital- first world

  • Creating a data- driven culture throughout the organisation

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