Tableau like a Pro Fireside chat - connecting Snowflake and Tableau

We're committed to providing you the best data visual analytics capabilities around, and pairing Tableau with Snowflake can be a real game changer. Join us as we talk to leading Tableau partner Solita about what makes the Tableau/Snowflake partnership so unique, and what it means for your business.

Learn more about how this scalable platform can help you establish an enterprise-wide single source of truth. We've also developed dashboards together so you can monitor your Snowflake environment to track costs, performance, and user adoption. By making data available to even non-techy users, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment user adoption goes through the roof.

Snowflake's unique shared data architecture is scalable and supports both structured and semi-structured data. Break down data silos, unite teams, and unleash the power of data with Tableau and Snowflake.

About the speakers

Francois Zimmerman

Francois Zimmerman

Field CTO - Tableau, EMEA

Francois Zimmermann is the Field CTO for Tableau in EMEA and owns the strategic technical relationship with our Technology Partners, System Integrators and Resellers. He also works to develop long-term peer-to-peer relationships with key customer and partner stakeholders. He is focused on developing the partner ecosystem to solve the end to end data challenges that our customers face as they build insights-driven businesses and embed analytics inside every business process.

Francois has a background in Analytics, Cloud Services, Data Integration and IoT as well as vertical solutions for Financial Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; and Health & Life Sciences.


Alexander Jaballah

Senior Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Aron Saläng

Visual Analytics Tech Lead, Solita

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