Tableau CRM Winter Release Update - Financial Services

Tableau CRM Winter release is here!  Join Susan Emerson, SVP Product GTM as she takes you through the latest features, which are designed to expand the usage of TCRM both in-terms of user experience and platform. 

Get more fearless when changing Data Prep recipes with the option to undo changes and revert to previous recipe versions. Design smarter Data Prep custom formulas with new functions and broader column support. Push recipe results into your business operations in Salesforce with the Salesforce Output connector.

Über den Referenten


Susan Emerson

SVP - Global Product GTM

Susan has spent the last 25 years in B2B technology/software sales. She is now the Salesforce Senior Vice President, Global Product GTM. She has been a part of three M&As, and two successful IPOs, and was on her 7th start-up when acquired by Salesforce.com in 2011.

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