How Data Storytelling is helping employees get back to work safely during COVID-19

With the rise of Coronavirus and rapidly changing circumstances, it is increasingly more important for companies to stay informed and adopt new processes to keep their employees safe. Tableau and our partner, Narrative Science, have teamed up to help their customers adapt to this new normal through the power of Data Storytelling technology.

Using Tableau dashboards and Narrative Science’s data storytelling integration, Quill, they are empowered to make informed decisions such as when it is safe for employees in various parts of the country to return to work and offices safely.

In this webinar, Narrative Science shares what their customers have built to track the impact of COVID-19.

View this webinar and see:

  • What is Data Storytelling and why it can empower everyone to understand data, make better decisions and drive better outcomes
  • How Tableau & Narrative Science are helping customers keep their employees safe and make informed decisions during COVID-19

Additional Information

About the speakers


Ryan Kurt

Data Storytelling Evangelist, Narrative Science

Ryan and his team work with the world’s largest enterprises and head strategic partnerships with leading technology & consulting companies, including Tableau/ Salesforce, Amazon & Accenture. Prior to his seven and a half years at Narrative Science, Ryan spent 8 years in consulting and enterprise sales at FactSet Research Systems.


Dan Platt

Senior Principal of Market Innovation, Narrative Science

Dan is the Senior Principal of Market Innovation at Narrative Science, which creates software that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results. He is the leader of Narrative Science’s Data Storytelling for Good initiative, which aims to drive positive social outcomes with the company’s technology and products. Dan has built and presented several demonstrations showing how Data Storytelling can help communities understand and act on the data governments make available. Since joining Narrative Science in 2010, he has served in a variety of roles including product management, professional services and customer education. Dan holds degrees in Economics and Journalism from Northwestern University.

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